Chicago-A wasted opportunity

My Face In Your Face, Does It Work?

Cop Face

What is the question? A video from the Chicago Police Department shows a young man stumbling down the street away from  responding police officers. In a moment the young man is dead from shots fired from a police pistol. The killing appears set, no alternative  story, he was shot by a Chicago policeman.

Now comes Tuesday night November 24, 2015, and a peaceful crowd gathers in downtown Chicago to express outrage at the time it has taken to indict the police officer who fired the shots at the now deceased young man and to release the video of the event.  And now the issue; in particular the young man who was captured on camera facing down a Chicago police officer with his face as close as he could get it to the police officer’s face without assaulting the officer.  What was the message the young man was attempting to impart?  What currency did he use up, exchange or receive through his actions?  Did he receive value for his stare down work?

Well, it appears that the young man may have friends, family, and some who do not know him but who are interested in public agitation for any reason and any form, who may claim that for the young man his actions in and of themselves were a net gain.

He was the news and his face was seen all around the USA.

On the other side of the opinion his walk away was little other than 15 minutes of fame for being on television, but no currency to use to further the discussion regarding a master plan for a better working relationship between police and those they are supposed to protect.

This young man found a camera, a great asset, and completely misused his opportunity to clearly articulate what change he wants to affect and his reason and thought that go with his actions.

The world is waiting for a rational response that is a catalyst for constructive change-showing off is just silly.